Baby Car Seat Cover by Pepbaby

As every mom of a baby or toddler know, there’s a lot of STUFF required to make sure your kids are cared for when you’re out and about. This 4 in 1 multiuse car seat cover takes care of so many of those items in one that I don’t remember how I ever left the house without!

It works perfectly as a car seat cover, so on cold, rainy or windy days, your little one will be protected from the elements. It also doubles as a high chair or shopping cart cover, which I use pretty much everyday. I like it better as it’s more fitted than others I’ve used, and I feel like my son isn’t sliding and shuffling around in extra material like other shopping cart covers I’ve used.

And although my little one is older and I’m no longer nursing now, I tried it on as a nursing cover and it fits very well to provide full coverage while giving your baby plenty of room to eat in comfort and privacy.

This is a very clever product that is versatile and quickly convertible from one use to the next.