Essential Oil Nebulizer by Consumer Associates

Consumer Associates’ Essential Oil Nebulizer is beautifully designed with a number of key features that I look for in an oil diffuser, and I’ve really been impressed with this professional grade device.

The compact size of the diffuser is adorable. The reservoir holds plenty, but the small size makes it perfect for small spaces or areas without a lot of surface for a larger unit. Speaking of the reservoir, I was both surprised and delighted to discover that these are made of glass. Other diffusers I’ve used have been entirely made of plastic, and this nebulizing diffuser sits in a class of it’s own.

This nebulizer also has multiple settings for different “strengths,” and can be quickly and easily adjusted with the push of a button.

I’m enjoying experimenting with different oils and aromas, and Consumer Associates’ diffuser has added such a lovely sense of relaxation to our home.

Take a look inside the box with my video opening the unit up for the first time: