Yosoo Sports Knee Wraps Review

These Yosoo knee wraps have made a huge difference in my ability to train for an upcoming half marathon with an old knee injury nagging. I injured my right knee in high school and it never healed correctly, so I struggle with knee pain and weakness in training. As such, I’ve tried every type of knee brace and sleeve on the market.

So far, these wraps have given me the most support and confidence to run without worrying that I’m going to ‘tweak’ my knee. The wrap style allows you to target the area of your leg that needs the most support. For me, I focus on my knees, but it’s also easy to wrap your calves or thighs for extra compression support.

The wraps are guaranteed to fit, unlike a sleeve or brace, ensuring a custom fit each time it’s worn. The material is thick and supportive.