Product Review: Daverley Runner Waist Pack

Daverly Runner Waist Pack (front) alongside the monstrosity I normally wear

Daverly Runner Waist Pack (front) alongside the monstrosity I normally wear

I recently got the chance to try out a new running product with the Daverley Runner Waist Pack. I was especially excited to try this running belt out as I seriously hated the one I was using before. I usually only sport a running pack when I’m running 5 or 6 miles or more, and because of how cumbersome I’ve found them, I would literally argue back and forth with myself over whether or not I really needed to carry the gear I packed along.

When the Daverley Runner Waist Pack arrived, I just kind of looked at it skeptically. This thing was TINY. I really didn’t think there would be any point to even trying it because of how small and sleek it looked, but I decided to give it a shot. I started off with my phone – my running must-have – and had no trouble fitting my iPhone 6 in. When I saw how much the pocket area stretched, I kind of smiled and realized just how much room and stretch this pack had. I kept tossing gear in – my ID, some energy chews, my key. All of it fit – no problem – and the zipper zipped without any issue.

I was due for 7 miles for this training run, so I took off. In the past, I’ve literally had to turn around and head home from my old running pack riding up and pushing my shorts down. The Daverley pack had no such issue. The super slick material stayed right in place, didn’t bunch, and best of all, it didn’t push or pull on my clothing at all.

This super lightweight but roomy running waist pack will be going with me on every long run – and maybe even some shorter ones. Why not? It didn’t get in the way, held all my gear, and seems to be extremely well made.

In fact, I’m getting up for a quick 4 miles in the morning – maybe I’ll take her along! In the meantime – run on!